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i m pansexual, my main page is @to-high-to-give-a-god-damn-fuck
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Um, I'm struggling to figure out if I'm bi or not... If my parents find out, I'm dead. Do you have any discreet ways to figure out if I am or not?

Follow your heart, does your heart find any attractions to others girls besides the looks, and If you would date a girl or not, your feelings for a girl

Hello. I recently just found out that I am bisexual. My friend said it's just a phase. But I believe that it's not. That I really liked girls too. How do I know if I do, and how do I prove it?

By knowing that you are bisexual is your choice to be, how to know you’re bisexual is your own way to find out everyone has a diff way of founding out what sexual orientation they are